$50 registration fee waived for all memberships until January 2019!

Parkour + Joyful Movement Memberships


Entry Membership

  • $70 per month

  • 4 classes per month + Unlimited open gym

Basic Membership

  • $120 per month

  • 8 Classes month + Unlimited open gym

Unlimited Membership

  • $160 per month

  • Unlimited classes + Unlimited open gym


Membership Discounts for above memberships & service people (does not apply to family membership)

  • 20% off - 2 family members

  • 30% off - 3 family members

  • 40% off - 4 family members

  • 20% off - College Students

  • 20% off - Military/law enforcement & firefighters

*All applicable discounts are stack-able up to 50% off the base membership price and are non-transferable.


Family Class Membership

Family Membership

  • $100 per month with a minimum of 2 family members +$20 per additional family member.

  • Access to Family Parkour, Play with Me and Recess classes only.

  • Must attend classes with at least 1 adult and a minimum of 2 family members.


Class Packs

10 Class Pack

  • $160 for 10 classes. Transferable among family members + guests (expires after 6 months)


Single Class

Open Gym/Recess Drop-In

  • $15 per person per class (Open gym included with Parkour + Joyful Movement memberships, and recess included in Family Class Membership)

Drop-in classes

  • $20 for single parkour or joyful movement class




Do I need to/have to sign up for classes ahead of time?

No, but our classes do have a max capacity. Signing up ahead of time insures that you get into class and saves you time when you check in.

How tall is your warped wall?


What are your age requirements?

We have multiple heights to our warped wall to keep it fun for all abilities. The highest ledge is 15' with a 12' ledge next to it with two exit points at 8 and 4'

All classes are for participants ages, 5-99. We require parent participation for children ages 5-8 years old in our regularly scheduled classes unless otherwise noted in our class descriptions. For our younger students we expect them to show discipline and be able to take instruction and follow the rules. If your son or daughter is unable to follow the rules they may be asked to leave.

My child is 3-7 years old, do you have classes for them?

Yes! We have Play With classes for children walking-6 years old with a participating adult. Children ages 5-8 may also participate in our regularly scheduled classes with a participating adult.  

Can my child take your cycling classes?

Will I have to jump off buildings?

We do not have age restrictions, however due to the size of our bikes our cycling classes are for participants 5’ or taller.

No. There is an abundance of options you can find enjoyment with in our space that meet you where you are at and don’t require you to go on high obstacles. Our instructors will never ask you to do something that you don’t feel ready to do. If you are interested in learning how to transition safely from high to low terrain, you can learn how to progress your strength and skill level to feel confident the next time you are walking over logs at the beach!


What should I wear to class?


Should I bring my own water?


Where are you located?


Loose fitting clothing. Shoes with good grip and support. Please do not wear basketball shoes as they restrict proper landing form. You are more than welcome to go barefoot but we encourage you to bring shoes so that you are prepared for a day of wall runs if your toes aren't ready for the force and friction of our walls. Please no belts,buckles or skirts for safety.

Please bring your own water container. We have filtered water available and bottled water for purchase.

We are located near the Hillsboro airport across the street from Intel’s Jones Farm campus at 2240 NE Griffin Oaks St. Suite 1000.