Parkour Quest

Thursdays 4 pm

You may have seen this new class on our schedule and wondered what exactly to expect. Here, we’ll tell you more about this exciting new adventure class.

We're inviting you to test your abilities and your imagination in this narrative-based parkour class.

Our goal is to introduce parkour fundamentals as skills within an imaginative story framework. Each class will encompass a self-contained adventure, with obstacles and challenges relating to the larger narrative.

Students will work individually or as a team to explore earth, air, water and fire elements related to Parkour. For example on 'earth day' they may be learning and practicing rolling, breakfalls and ground movement while engaging in a narrative storyline that would utilize those skills.

Some other examples of skills as elements are:

  • EARTH: rolls, break falling, standing landing, ground movement

  • AIR: precision jumping, wall climb, tictac, cat, strides

  • FIRE: explosive power, endurance, breathing-movement coordination, take-offs

  • WATER: improvisation, flow, vaults, dive rolls, bars

The class format will be similar to a mini-camp:

  • Warm-up

  • Skill and story introduction

  • Transition into the jungle/caverns/moon etc.

  • Story event: team or solo challenge by choice (options for multiple skill levels). Examples: “Defeat the lava monster” “Recover the scroll of secret techniques” “Escape the collapsing temple”

  • Story conclusion and cool-down

We are very excited to offer this new class on our schedule and feel it is a perfect match for our mission of keeping movement fun and honoring what feels best for your body.

Like all our offerings, this class will allow the students to decide which part they want to participate in and set ‘obstacles’ to overcome rather than perfecting techniques. This approach builds self-efficacy, autonomy and builds confidence by allowing students to improvise their own solution.

Parkour quest is for anyone who has a vibrant imagination - adults too! Ages 5+ (5&6 year-olds with adult), no Parkour experience required.

Drop-in (space is limited), or PM us on social media or use the box below to register.