Who we are...

The Movement Park is owned by Molly & Brandon Courtney who believe that the best way to find consistency and motivation with movement is by having fun!

The movement park started as a dream to create a multi-generational community that has fun while improving health and wellness. 

We grew up with a love for adventure and being active in organized sports as well as in nature.

As adults our desire play never left us, however we had a hard time finding places that encouraged freedom with movement for adults.

We found ourselves bored at traditional gyms and not interested in competing with anyone but ourselves. We both had FREE access to world-class facilities, however as our family grew, taking turns or finding childcare to go to a gym we didn’t enjoy felt almost impossible.

As a result we found creative ways to stay active and started playing tag with our kids at the nearest playground.

We thought…”wouldn’t it be great if there was a giant indoor playground that both adults and kids could play & have fun moving together!”

The moment we walked into a Parkour facility we knew we had found the perfect movement modality to bring our vision to life, and our next adventure at The Movement Park began.

10 Things we love about Parkour and the community we're building!

  1. Having fun and your experience is our measurement of success at The Movement Park

  2. All ages and abilities are welcome & adults and kids can play & move together

  3. You get to progress at your own rate & create movement paths that meet your individual preference and needs.

  4. Build strength that directly correlates to efficiency with daily activities and reduces risk of injuries.

  5. Parkour is an engaging and diverse movement experience that invites creativity and innovation while improving self-efficacy in your ability to overcome obstacles.

  6. Movement alternatives and modifications are naturally built into the space and nobody cares if you are doing something different… moving in your unique style is encouraged!

  7. Our community & staff makes you feel safe, accepted and welcome.

  8. Generations get to learn through play from each other.

  9. We get to re-introduce people to Joyful movement and give permission for adults to move and play naturally as children do.

  10. Laughter & connection are successful avenues for reducing risk of disease and improving health & well-being.



What We Want For Our Members

  1. Move because you want to and because you enjoy it.

  2. Move more efficiently with more ease and create new possibilities for your life.

  3. Find motivation and consistency with joyful movement and achieve health goals.


The Playground

Traditional Parkour classes.

Low Impact Room

Spring floor and soft obstacles.

Multi-Purpose Room

Mind-body, Spin, and specialty classes.

The Front Porch

Health and wellness coaching, birthday parties, camps, and team building events. 

Watch Us On The Go With Joe