+ I can't register for class?

No worries, we are happy to help. You can call us at 503-844-8801 or email info@themovementpark.com for assistance as well.

To register for a class:

Step 1 -Sign your waiver to create an account or login to your exsisting account.

Step 2 - Find the class or event you'd like to register for under your account home or on our class schedule page.

If you have tried the steps above and are still having troubles we may have duplicate accounts for you. Please email us and let us know.

+ How do I know if I already have an account?

If you’ve attended a class or event, you have an account with us and you do not need to fill out your waiver again.

The email you provided when you signed your waiver is the email you’ll use to access your account.

+ If I can’t figure out how to register, can I still come to class?

Yes! If you are having issues registering please call or email us, or message us on social media and we’ll get you registered for class. You can also join us without registration. The only time registration is a MUST is if our classes are filling and we have waiting lists. If that is the case, we will be working on adding more classes for you!

+ I've signed a waiver previously, do I need to sign one again?

No you don't need to sign your waiver more than once.

+ Are your classes structured or open play?

We have both!

Our recess hours and open gyms are not organized classes.

However, our beginner, intermediate and family Parkour classes have structure and are lead by an instructor.

We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with our classes holding your attention with their variability and Parkour’s inclusion of personal exploration and creativity as part of any training session.

+ What is a typical class like?

  • First 10 minutes: Actively stretch & warm up

  • ~5 min: Focus skill introduction

  • ~30 min: Work on the focus skill with 1-3 obstacle course progressions

  • 5 minute cool-down stretch

  • Last 10 minutes: Free time to explore and move creatively

+ What is the difference between open gym and recess?

Open gym is a time to train: Self-directed training in our main Parkour gym, spring floor, and group exercises rooms. For ages 10+ (must be over 5' to use our cycling bikes).

*Other equipment available during open gym include cycling bikes, yoga equipment. thera-bands, foam rollers, trigger point tools, balance boards, TRX, jump ropes and Bosus.

Recess is a time to play: Move like a kid on a playground or practice skills from your classes. This is your time to share the gym and have the freedom to explore new ideas.

We LOVE creativity and supporting your pursuit of joy with movement, but value safety above all.

All Recess times are supervised by an instructor and have an expectation of situational awareness in order to maintain a safe movement environment.

**Recess time is not best for practicing tricks or flips (see open gym).

Similar to a school playground our safety rules will be strictly enforced. For participants 5-99 (5-7 years old must be accompanied by a participating adult).

+ How much for a class? Do I need to be a member?

First class is $5. You don't need to be a member, we have both memberships and drop-in options with our pricing.

+ What are your age requirements?

All classes are for participants ages, 5-99. We require parent participation for children ages 5-7 years old in our regularly scheduled classes unless otherwise noted in our class descriptions.

Our Play-with-me classes are for walking-6 years old and our family Parkour classes are for 3+. Both classes require an active participating adult.

*We do not consider on the floor with your phone an "active participating adult."

*For our younger students we expect them to show discipline and be able to take instruction and follow the rules. If your son or daughter is unable to follow the rules they may be asked to leave.

+ Do I have to pay for myself for my 5-7 year old to play?

We are always happy to have a conversation about our policies with you. Please email us for specific questions and considerations for your needs.

In short - Yes, and our hope is that you will enjoy taking class with your child!

Our space is for people of all ages and abilities. We do not allow spectators in class which means if you were to take class with your child, you will be moving within your own ability alongside them.

Many parents choose to take class even with older children and some adults without their children 😁.

We do our best to make our classes accessable for everyone and because we want to include younger children in a safe way we've invited parents to take class with their 5-7 year olds so they can participate in our regularly scheduled classes.

There are gross motor skills and personal and spacial awareness that young children haven't developed that we have to take into consideration.

We also have a 10 week Jr. Parkour class for 5-7 year olds to take without parent participation. Once they've pass out of that program and feel confident to and be safe in classes they are invited to attend other classes on our schedule without parent participation.

The desision to invite parent participation was made after our own experience at our sister facility, Revolution Parkour, with our middle child. After he completed thier Jr Parkour series we felt he was still pretty little to do classes on his own so we took class with him. It was such a positive experience for us that we want to extend that invite to other families here at The Movement Park.

+ Can my 7 year old take class without me?

Yes! Students 5-7 are invited to take class with a participating adult. Students 7 and older can take classes independantly.

+ Do I need to or have to sign up for classes ahead of time?

No, but our classes do have a max capacity. Signing up ahead of time insures that you get into class and saves you time when you check in.

+ How tall is your warped wall?

We have multiple heights to our warped wall to keep it fun for all abilities. The highest ledge is 15' with a 12' ledge next to it with two exit points at 8 and 4'

+ Can I ride your bikes while my child takes class?

We have two stationary bikes in our spectator area. If you are 5' or taller you are welcome to use them during Parkour classes. They are available on a first come first serve basis.

+ I have special considerations, will I have to jump off things?

No. We have an abundance of options you can find enjoyment with in our space that meet you where you are at and don’t require you to go on high obstacles. Our instructors will never ask you to do something that you don’t feel ready to do.

If you are interested in learning how to transition safely from high to low terrain, you can learn how to progress your strength and skill level to feel confident the next time you have a desire to jump for joy or are walking over logs at the beach!

+ What should I wear to class?

Loose fitting clothing. Shoes with good grip and support. Please do not wear basketball shoes as they restrict proper landing form. You are more than welcome to go barefoot but we encourage you to bring shoes so that you are prepared for a day of wall runs if your toes aren't ready for the force and friction of our walls. Please no belts,buckles or skirts for safety.

+ What are the best shoes for Parkour?

We allow shoes or bare feet in our facility. While training barefoot is not impossible most tracers prefer wearing shoes.

The most important thing to consider is your personal preference. There is no “best shoe” for parkour similarly to how there is no "best shirt."

Grip – Look for shoes with good rubber.

Ground Feel and Cushion Balance – Tactile feedback sent from your feet to your brain is important for making decisions in your movement, choose shoes that you can feel the ground. Cushion is important especially for beginners. We shouldn’t be moving on our heels, but as we learn, we make mistakes, and a little cushion to protect us while we’re on our way to having correct form is helpful.

Heel/Toe Drop Angle – Many shoes today are similar to wearing high heels and cause your body to compensate and avoid moving in it's most natural way. This can lead to overuse injuries of the feet, heels, knees and back.

Weight and Flexibility – The weight of a shoe for parkour is not as important as the other above factors but many heavy shoes are also rigid and don’t allow the use of all foot muscles. This is why we recommend not using a basketball shoe, skate shoe, or hiking shoe.

Recommended shoes from our community: Feiyues, New Balance Minimus, Merrell Glove, VivoBarefoot, Asics Onitsuka Tiger Ultimate 81, Vibram 5-Fingers, Puma Narita, Ollo’s, Take Flight Ultra’s, and New Balance Zantes.

+ Where are you located?

We are located near the Hillsboro airport across the street from Intel’s Jones Farm campus at 2240 NE Griffin Oaks St. Suite 1000.