We offer classes for all ages and every level. Each class is capped at 15 participants to ensure safety and individual attention. All classes are first-come, first-served, so please reserve your spot ahead of time or show up 10-15 minutes early. If a class gets full, you can join our waiting list and be notified if a space opens up!




All classes are an hour long (unless otherwise noted) and are supervised by a Movement Park instructor who is certified in CPR and First Aid.  

Our classes begin with a 10 minute body prep on the mats and then instruction on the movement focus of the day. We end with a 10 minute body recovery + 5 minutes of open play. 

Age Requirements

All classes are for participants ages 5-99 unless otherwise noted.

Students ages 5-8 are welcome with a participating adult or after completing Jr. Parkour (Starts in January).

Play with me classes are for children walking-6 years old & their adult.

Cycling classes are for students 5’ or taller

Parkour Prep is for ages 30+




Re-introduce your body to playful movement. Improve your flexibility, strength or coordination to feel confident and reduce your risk of injury.  This class focuses on preparing the body (and mind) to be successful in our Parkour classes. *For ages 30+

PARKOUR BASICS (low impact spring room)

Designed for those new to Parkour.  Build coordination, balance and movement patterns. Focus on basic low-impact parkour techniques and fundamental strength development for parkour with technical instruction including a strong focus on safety.


Learn beginner parkour techniques and practice movement efficiency, endurance with a variety of fun courses. Skills include landing, rolling, falling, vaults, tacs, cats, and bar climbing and safety.


Continue parkour skill progressions, learn intermediate movements, and begin working on building strength and fluidity. At this level we suggest participants take a minimum of 2 classes per week to build muscle memory and enhance movement efficiency to move on to the next level.

Prerequisite: Must be efficient with fundamental & beginner parkour skills and approved by an instructor to participate, please call ahead before scheduling.


An inclusive class to meet your individual needs. This class is for ALL bodies, young, old, big, small, and uniquely challenged. This is a safe place for you to explore new possibilities for movement in your life. The instructor for this class is highly educated in non-judgmental communication, meeting people where they are and how stigmas and bias can affect movement experiences.


Must be enrolled in a parkour class to participate. Open gym is an opportunity to practice skills you are learning in class and explore new ideas. An instructor will be available to answer questions and monitor safety.

PLAY WITH ME (family parkour with kids walking - 6 years):

From walking age to 6 years old with a participating adult. Be your child’s inspiration! Move & explore movement with your little one in our low impact soft obstacle room. Learn Parkour basics and build balance, coordination and strength together. *Family Membership available

Family Parkour:

Connect with your family through play. Classes are designed for adult/child interaction with challenges and obstacles appropriate for all age groups. *Family Membership available





A class to feel good on a bike. Reap the health benefits of spin without the pressure to perform. Intimate and non-intimidating environment with classes limited to 10 participants. **Please reserve your spot ahead of time! *For participants 5 feet or taller

BODY CARE (Low impact room)

Feel stable and strong while recovering from an injury or reducing your risk of injury in this class.  Movements focus on joint flexibility and stability as well as core integration and progressive exercises to improve agility and movement quality.  *If you have special instruction from your Physical Therapist or Doctor, please bring them with you to class.   


Move like a kid on a playground or practice skills from your classes. This is your time to share the gym and have the freedom to explore new ideas.  We LOVE creativity and supporting your pursuit of joy with movement, but value safety above all. All Recess times are supervised by an instructor and have an expectation of situational awareness in order to maintain a safe movement environment. 

**Prerequisites: Recess is NOT for goofing off or practicing tricks or flips (see Parkour open gym above).  Similar to a school playground our safety rules will be strictly enforced. For participants 5-99 (5-12 years old must be accompanied by a participating adult). 

*Family membership available


**FREE CLASS** Practice prolonged voluntary laughter and child-like play. Laughter yoga is based on the belief that voluntary laughter provides the same physiological and psychological health benefits as spontaneous laughter due to purposeful laughter quickly becoming real and contagious laughter. Learn more about Laughter Yoga here, or here.

*Laughter Yoga is also available for team building events, inquire here.